Sean Kellett @ Perfect Sound

Hi, my name is Sean Kellett, and I love music.

Well, I love a few things; my wife, family, friends, Dunkin Donuts, gardening, and the Red Sox. But music, that’s why I get up every day, and it’s what I’ve dedicated practically my entire life to.

Ever since my dad showed me how to put a needle on vinyl, I’ve been obsessed with music. I grew up in the backwoods of southern New Hampshire, and started playing drums at the age of twelve. Less than six months later, my friends and I formed a band. This eventually led us to touring the United States, and finding my future home, in southern California.

After my Junior year of a high school, I attended The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe Ohio, and my life was changed. From that point on I wanted nothing else but to record music. I wanted to work on projects at the highest level, and I wanted to learn as much as I could about capturing the sounds that shaped my childhood.

After an incredible internship at Q Division Studios during my senior year of high school, my girlfriend and I packed up and moved to California, where I immediately began studying at the Los Angeles Recording School. After internships with Jason Donaghy at Perfect Sound, Matt Bobb at Matchstick Music, and John Feldman at Foxy Studios, I was eager for a full time job, wherever I would find it! 

In 2011 I was offered my first full time gig, and boy was it a gig! For two years I worked for legendary guitar virtuoso and composer, Steve Vai, and I was lucky enough to experience more than a kid from New Hampshire would have ever imagined! During the time I worked for Steve, at both The Harmony Hut and The Mothership Studio, he redefined the term ‘work ethic’ for me. For my first year, I worked on the 2012 release of “The Story Of Light”, with fellow engineer and mentor, Greg Wurth. This was followed by a world tour, of which I worked the first two legs, North America and Europe. While on the tour we recorded Vai’s “Stillness In Motion” live at Club Nokia, for which I later assisted in editing and mixing for the DVD / CD release. In all we put on over 100 shows with the Steve Vai band, traveling to 28 different countries over a period of four months. The lessons I learned, and the family I was so lucky to be a part of, I will never forget.

Shortly after I married the love of my life in the summer of 2013, came the opportunity of a lifetime; to become a staff engineer at Perfect Sound, learning from one of my first and favorite mentors, Jason Donaghy. I have been working exclusively at Perfect Sound ever since, where I’m now proud to carry the title of Chief Engineer. Over the years, we’ve been able to work with some incredibly talented folks! Some of the projects that have come through have had some tremendous success, including multiple Grammy nominations, a Latin Grammy award, and two RIAA Certified Platinum albums. I still feel like the best is yet to come, and I spend every day working as hard as I can to get there!

Cheers to the future, and thank you for reading!